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3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dumpster Rental Company

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Trash removal is an integral part of the day-to-day operations of a business or home. Some homes and businesses use a dumpster rental service to sort their trash storage and disposal needs. 

You must be diligent when choosing a dumpster rental service. So here are three factors you must consider before selecting a dumpster rental company. 

1. Type and Amount of Trash You Produce

Dumpster rental companies impose restrictions on different types of waste for their dumpsters. For instance, some dumpster rental companies restrict the dumping of items such as adhesives, paint, acid batteries, medical waste, or other hazardous materials in their dumpsters. 

Thus, if you produce such types of waste, it is advisable to look for a dumpster rental service that permits the dumping of such materials in their dumpsters. 

Furthermore, dumpster rental companies also limit the volume or weight of trash you can place in a dumpster to avoid damaging it. Thus, if you produce large volumes of trash, you must consider choosing a dumpster rental service that can provide extra-large dumpsters to hold large volumes of garbage.

2. Rental Periods 

Some dumpster rental companies impose a minimum rental period for their dumpster. Thus, irrespective of whether you intend to use the dumpster once, you still have to pay the minimum rental period fee. 

If you intend to use the rental dumpster for an extended period, a minimum rental period is not an issue. However, paying the minimum rental period fee won't make sense if you plan to use a dumpster for a one-time project, such as spring cleaning. 

Hence, if you only want to use a rental dumpster once, look for a dumpster rental service that doesn't impose a minimum rental period. Besides, it will be cheaper for you to rent the dumpster when you need it instead of paying for the minimum rental period. 

3. Pickup Schedules  

Typically, you expect a dumpster rental service to regularly empty the dumpster you use, depending on how much trash you produce. However, different dumpster rental companies conduct trash pickups at varying intervals. For instance, some dumpster rental companies pick up trash daily, while others prefer to pick up trash weekly or bi-weekly. 

A weekly or bi-weekly trash pickup interval will work fine if you produce small amounts of trash every week. But if you produce large quantities of trash daily, for example, in a construction site, a weekly or bi-weekly trash pickup interval will not work. Hence, you will have to find a dumpster rental company that picks up trash daily to avoid over-accumulating waste. 

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