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Prevent Animals From Getting In Your Trash

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If you are sick and tired of going outside only to find that animals have got into your trash again, leaving you to pick up the mess, then you want to act right away. The sooner you take the appropriate steps to prevent animals from digging through your trash, the sooner you can quit picking up after them. Keep in mind, when animals are leaving trails of trash throughout your yard, they are also increasing the chances of more animals showing up for that trash. Also, maggots can end up on and in your trash and if the trash has been strewn throughout the yard, then this means you may end up with maggots in your yard. Here are three big changes you want to make that can help you to keep the animals from getting into your trash again.

Put up motion activated lights

Have motion activated lights put up so they are directed at your garbage can. You want to be sure you aim the motion sensors, so they aren't going to go off anytime someone is walking down the sidewalk or when a car goes down the street. When you have these lights installed, they will turn on when something approaches your garbage can. When the lights go on two things can happen. One thing that will more than likely happen is the animal will be scared off. They may try to come back later, only to be scared off again by the light. Another thing that can happen is you will be alerted to the fact that an animal has made its way to your garbage can. When you see the light go on, you can run outside and make a lot of noise to scare them away.

Spray hot pepper juice on the trash

You can make your own hot pepper juice by crushing up hot peppers and mixing the juice with some water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and then spray the hot pepper juice on the trash in your garbage can before you take the can out to the street. If the animal does get into the trash, they will taste the hot peppers and leave.

Get a locking residential garbage can

The best thing that you can do is to get a locking residential garage container. Once you fill the can up then you can lock it, so animals won't be able to open the lid. The lid can easily be opened by the trash collector easily. This is a great way for you to make sure that the trash stays in the garbage can where it belongs.