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Your First Time Renting A Dumpster: Four Tips

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Renting a dumpster is not something that the average homeowner does very often. However, if you are cleaning out your garage, doing a construction project, or getting rid of items before a move, a dumpster rental is a quick and convenient way to dispose of all the waste. Here are four tips to help you out the first time you rent a dumpster.

1. Compare Prices

There are probably several dumpster rental companies in your area, so take the time to get an estimate from each one before you proceed. They may use different pricing schemes. One company may charge a flat rate no matter how long you need the dumpster, while the other may charge by the day. So, be certain about how long you need the dumpster before you start getting estimates. This will allow you to choose the company whose pricing scheme most favors your needs.

2. Be Realistic About Size

Dumpsters are usually sized by cubic yardage. For example, you may find that a company offers 10, 20, and 40 cubic yard dumpsters. And while 10 cubic yards may not sound like a lot, that is more than enough space for the average home cleanout project or a small remodeling project. The only time you would need a 20 cubic yard dumpster would be if you are remodeling a big room or several rooms. A 30 or 40-yard dumpster is almost certainly too large for your needs; these are typically used for commercial projects. You can save money by going with the smaller dumpster.

3. Know Where to Park the Dumpster

You can't just park the dumpster anywhere. It's okay to park it in a yard if the ground is hard and you put down some wooden planks first. However, the best place to park it is probably in a driveway on concrete, asphalt, or gravel. Plan on parking elsewhere for a few days while you have the dumpster on-site. If you cannot park the dumpster in the driveway, have the rental company come look at your yard beforehand so that can plan a safe alternative place to park.

4. Have a Loading Strategy

If you just start tossing things in your dumpster, you may end up with a number of problems. There may be a lot of empty space between items, causing the dumpster to fill up prematurely. Stacks may also tumble over and injure you. So, make sure you stack things strategically and in a stable manner. Load larger items first, followed by smaller and lighter ones.