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Construction Dumpster Safety: Four Helpful Tips

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Construction dumpsters offer a convenient way to get rid of construction waste, but there are some safety tips you and your workers should keep in mind while on the job site. Use these tips to ensure the safety of your crew when renting a construction dumpster.

Ideal Placement

You'll want to make sure that your dumpster is placed on a flat, level surface. If a concrete surface is available, consider using that space. However, if soft earth is the only option, consider placing several layers of plywood or sheet metal underneath to prevent sinking or shifting. In some cases, your dumpster rental company may have materials that can be placed under the dumpster when it is dropped off, so you don't have to worry about providing a reinforced surface.

Even Loads

To prevent tipping or other accidents, be sure your crew is loading the dumpster evenly. If you will be placing rock or concrete in the dumpster, check with the rental company to determine the maximum load size. You may only be able to fill the dumpster to a certain point before it needs to be emptied, even if it is not full. This is especially true for heavier items, as overloading the dumpster can make it unsafe to move.

After-Hours Security

You'll want to take steps to ensure your dumpsters aren't accessible after hours. This might mean using fencing around the work site or the dumpster to prevent access. For dumpsters with doors, secure the doors shut at night and use a padlock to prevent anyone from opening them unless they have a key. Be sure all ladders or other implements that could be used to climb into the dumpster are also locked away. If you are sending metals to recycling, consider having the dumpster rental company empty the unit every day to prevent theft of these valuable materials.

Protective Gear

Your crew should wear protective gear whenever they are accessing the dumpster. Hard hats and protective goggles can help to prevent injuries, and reflective vests can alert workers when there is someone near the dumpster. Be sure your crew members have heavy-duty gloves and steel-toed boots for added protection when handling items that will be thrown in the container. You may also want to have signs available to alert workers when you will be using heavy machinery to dump large amounts of construction material in the dumpster, as this will let them know it's not safe to approach the container.

Construction dumpster rental companies like Pro Star Roll Off Dumpsters may have a list of safety instructions to follow as well, so be sure to ask for this when arranging to rent a container for your construction waste.