Renting Garbage Bins For Renovations

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A Dumpster Rental Just Might Cut Down On Liabilities

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Renting a dumpster makes life a lot easier for homeowners who are involved in renovation or clean out work. Dumping a lot of garbage, refuse, and broken concrete, glass, and wood entails little more than throwing the items into the bin. Not everyone chooses to rent a dumpster, though. The assumption is that a few plastic garbage bags is enough. The local garbage crew should be able to "lift and toss" the bags into the truck without a problem. Now, there is an assumption that comes loaded with risks. Specifically, a homeowner is taking on a host of liability risks by disposing of curbside refuse in such an unsafe manner.

Accidents and Liabilities Happen

Odd accidents can happen, which is why homeowners maintain liability insurance. The best insurance, however, is to avoid the presence of any risks. Putting wood, glass, and other potentially dangerous items in a trash bag is always a risk. If a trash collector heaves a bag into a sanitation truck, the chance exists that the over-stuffed bag might tear open. Now, all that glass, wood, and any other unsafe items end up on the street. A serious risk arises here.

Slip-and-fall accidents are possible when dangerous refuse is strewn on the sidewalk. Depending upon the extent of the harm, an injured person could sue beyond the liability coverage present in a homeowner's insurance policy. Why take risks of this nature when a dumpster is so much safer?

Bags Get Pierced

Certain sharp pieces of discarded "trash" could pierce the bag. A jagged edge sticking out of the bag presents a clear liability risk. Someone riding by on a bike might very well receive a severe laceration if a leg makes contact with an extended jagged piece of wood or metal. Home improvement stores do sell very thick bags made of reinforced plastic. Putting too much trust in these bags reopens the doors to liability risks. In comparison to a dumpster for rent, there really is no comparison from a safety perspective.

The Value of a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster does more than provide a much more convenient means of disposing of hazardous garbage. The dumpster automatically cuts down on the potential liabilities. Metal and sharp wood are not exactly going to have an easy time piercing through several inches of iron. Overall, as long as the refuse is carefully placed in the dumpster and the dumpster is correctly secured, a host of liabilities should be reduced.

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